Competence in Injection Moulding 


Flexibility, short passage times, a modern manufacturing philosophy and a high level of quality are guarantees for the future satisfaction of our clients. 
The high level of automation of our modern injection moulding machines with a mould clamping force range of 220– 2500 KN guarantees optimal process stability. Expansions in larger machine groups are being continually carried out.
Our manufacturing range encompasses everything from the simple injection moulding to the injection moulding around and of metal inserts and outserts; modern 2-component technology and the internal gas assisted moulding process. 

Our Technologies

We process all of the customary non-reinforced and reinforced thermoplastic types of plastic in addition to heavy-duty materials such as PEEK, PEI, PPS, TPE, LCP

  • Injection weights of 0.005g – 550g 
  • Manufacturing within the narrowest dimensional tolerances 
  • Demanding technical and optical functional parts